Heartleaf Embroidered Crop Sweatshirt

"It's my favorite t-shirt. Really well made and the embroidery is gorgeous but like... subtle."
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Kiarash Jafarifesharaki
Super comfortable yet super chique!

Got this for my wife and she can't stop wearing it! The fabric is very high quality, yet durable. Every single one of her friends have asked where she got this amazing top from! Highly recommend this product.

Chic and Cozy!

Absolutely adore this black cropped long sleeve! The heartleaf embroidery adds such a charming touch. The fabric is incredibly soft, and the trendy cut is spot on. It's the perfect balance of fashion-forward and casual chic. Definitely a new favorite in my wardrobe!

It’s amazing, get it!

I was looking for a cute sweater that will also be convenient when I’m breastfeeding. I’m really picky so I shopped around, but this looked like it will meet my needs so I gave it a shot. It was even better than I expected! The sweatshirt is sooo cute, I love it! It’s also super soft, so my baby loves to snuggle up to me even more when I wear this which is a win-win for both of us! The dusty blue is more has more of a sage green tinge, just like the pictures which I like. The embroidery is really pretty too and pops. If you’re debating, just get it!